Das Buch "Navigating the Knowledge Commons" ist Tod

Carol Stimmel and I had a great four days of intensity when she came out to Flagstaff and we pounded out the framework for this book, "Navigating the Knowledge Commons." A week later, I opted out, which likely makes the book a better thing and simultaneously frees me to concentrate on the action of the Commons happening right here on the Federated Wiki rather than writing about it or, even more indirect, getting others to write about it.

The supreme irony was trying to write about the Knowledge Commons for a for-profit publisher, but to be fair, we were given license to use Creative Commons texts and thus keep such contributions free and open. Still, it stuck in both our craws, as well as the whole "Answering to The Man" nature of having to sign contracts, submit a schedule, produce updates, and adhere to a blue-sky structure we had to create to sell the book in the first place but which we knew would morph uncontrollably.